Monday, November 1, 2010

Now Updated Daily on

Carlos has been busy polishing up for release the 3rd chapter. As I understand this is the last of the introduction to ZODB. Now the next chapters are more detailed about theory and implementation of ZODB. Explanation of MVCC, transactions, etc. You can see the latest sphinx documentation at

Another killer feature of the sphinx documentation is that Disqus has now been integrated into the HTML rendering of the pages. You can comment on each of the pages directly. Very cool. You can also see the magic which enables Disqus/Sphinx integration on github. I have not seen Disqus being used with sphinx. But I hope it catches on.

Thanks to Carlos and Jens for making the ZODB book building daily on and enabling disqus on the pages. The bar for participating is very low -- please participate. Add a comment. Even if you like it. We need to hear more peoples thoughts.

Chapter 3 draft ready, book text online

The draft for chapter three of the ZODB book is now in the github repository. There is now enough material that we felt ready to put it up somewhere for easy reading and possibly a bit of discussion. Jens Vagelpohl helped me get it up on the web site and I added Disqus comments to the text. We'd very much appreciate any feedback on the work so far.