Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We have received an encouraging amount of participation from the community. There are two ways to participate, writing blog entries or financial contributions.

I have already been in contact with Adam Groszer and Matthias(Nitro) by adding them to the blog. Hopefully we will see some articles from these two guys in the near term. Anyone is welcome to post a mini-howto, recipe or just their experience with the ZODB. All material is welcome.

Financial contributions will fund Carlos to focus to develop the book to completion. We currently have the first round of money to get an advance to Carlos. We need significantly more money to finish the book. All donors will be listed on the blog. I have put the first batch of donors on the widget. This will be updated occasionally as we get more contributions.

If you have either money or experience with ZODB -- you can participate. Contact me.

All those who have contributed - thank you.


  1. Wow, I come home from my vacation to this really cool initiative! I assume that this book can find its final home on zodb.org (which I'm very happy exists now). I also think zodb.org should have a link to this blog added to it. It's also good if this blog's feed were to be picked up by planet.python.org

    Over the years I wrote a few blog entries that talk about the ZODB. First that comes to mind is this one:


    If desired I'd be happy to polish the article so it can be posted here.

  2. Martijn,

    check your email. you have invite in your inbox. I hope you can polish up the articles and submit them as time permits. If you can think of any other people I can hassle to join the blog to post articles -- that would be great.

  3. Martijn,

    yes, please, please, polish and post your articles here.

    We want the feed to be picked up by planet Python, but want to get a little traction first. We will be deciding on the home of this book and the details of the writing process over the next few weeks.